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First Time Buyer & Buying Used....

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Hello! Not only am I new to this forum, I'm new to buying riding lawn mowers. Although I've never had a need for a riding mower until now, I do know that I don't want a John Deere - I consider myself a Cub Cadet person. Right now, I'm shopping around and I'm shopping used. I'm welcoming advice in all areas, but specifically on the engines.

So far, I've found a 2009 Husqvarna YTH 2454 with the 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek. It's at a dealer; it was a trade-in. It was missing the hours gauge and another switch when I saw it. The dealer promises that all will be right AND he'll honor a 2-year engine only warranty on it IF I buy it. Keep in mind, I have NO idea how many hours it has on it, which I am not thrilled about.

On the other hand, there is a privately owned, 2009 Cub Cadet LTX 1050 with the 22 HP Kohler Courage engine. It has 21.8 hours on it and, although I haven't seen it in person yet, pictures of it show it to be in at least very good condition.

What can anyone tell me about these 2 machines? The engines?
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Hi, BigJohn, and welcome to the forum. You should get some real good info around here for your decision making.

Do you mind advising what the asking prices are? That might help quite a bit. Also, another good place to shop would be Craigslist.

I've never owned a Cub, but I know the older ones were really well built. I do know that some folks love the Courage engine, and others have had some issues.

Some responses should be along here shortly. Good luck, and we'll be looking forward to hearing of your shopping experiences.
Hey Brad...
The asking price for the Cub is $1500 OBO and for the Husqvarna, $1200.
Hi BigJohn, and welcome to MLMF

Bought a Husqvarna AS IS with 31 hours on it as a return from Lowers. It had the 21HP Kohler Courage engine and the rod was thru the block. We have no idea why but the deal was too good to pass up as I had a Kohler 13 HP just sitting in wait for something like this...

Now, a year later, I have nothing but praise for the Husquarna! I seldom get to use it, even though we mow over an acre here and just as much next door for our out of town neighbors...and, my wife jumps on the seat and goes to town about every 10 days to do both properties (she really loves the hydro transmission).

We have about 200+ hours on it so far and nothing has been changed in regards to blades, belts or adjustments. I am very impressed with this mower and would by again when, or if, this one wears out.
Thank you for that info. I really appreciate all the help I can get.
Welcome to the forum BigJohn! :)

Dare I ask what turned you against John Deere as a candidate?

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Hello Mark. It's just that, of the people I know with a John Deere, they've been nothing but trouble. My neighbor has one and it's junk, too. And, I just really don't care for a green mower/tractor; I don't like the way they look. Just a personal preference thing.

The cub might be a little more expencive but it is made by International and they are good. And i've heard nothing but good bout them. GO see the cub and then compare the highs and lows of each.:D
..Just a personal preference thing.
Too each his own. :)

I have a long time farmer friend that gets frustrated every time he sees me wearing my JD ball cap. Course that being the case I try to wear it whenever I'm around him. :D I on the other hand at 11 years and headed passed 250 hours this coming season have no complaints nor problems.

Be forewarned though that outside of body colors, engines and transmissions are shared to some degree by all manufactures.

For example the Husqvarna as I recall has the same Tuff-Torq K46 hydro tranny as my LT150 and all the lower price point Deere model line. I don't know about the Kohler Courage line. Like Brad I've read both ways and have the older Kohler Command model on my Deere.

Since we've already ruled out your going with a green model.. :D I'd probably put my vote for the Cub. To some degree it's an MTD but over the long run you might still do better getting model specific service parts for it compared to Husqvarna (Sort of the Swedish version of MTD ;) my opinion)
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I have 9 John Deeres these days - old ones with lots of hours on them so I'm a bit biased. As for the Cub - I had an LTX 1045 (or 1046 I forget which) a couple years ago - kohler courage engine - I used it one summer and sold it for a major loss. It was hard to start from day one and was very flimsy compared to the older tractors.
Usage makes a big difference - if you're doing a small residential lawn it probably would be fine, but I mow old meadowland so I need the more durable suspension, axles, frame and tranny found on the older machines. I've never ad one of the older cubs (like 1980's) but I hear they were good.

Don't know a thing about the huskie, sorry. Good luck with your hunt.
Thank you for that info. I really appreciate all the help I can get.
Here are a few pictures of my Husqvarna with the blown engine and transplanted Kohler. Really, not sure how the rumors started and if they're true or not about the Kohler "Courage" engines being short lived...but, it was enough for me to take notice and heed peoples advice to be careful on that particular line:

The first pic show (not very well detailed) the entire bottom case blown out from throwing the rod.

The second pic shows a piece of the connecting rod

Third, after the engine swap.

Fourth is the rider finished and...

Fifth is the JD donor engine.


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