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Just joined the forum after lurking on this entire site for about a month. I've been using a Honda HR214 for about 25 years. I love the Honda as it has been completely bulletproof, it gets used nearly every weekend and has taken a lot of abuse. But since it's getting long in the tooth I thought it about time to get another mower to take some stress off of it. I got my first Snapper this weekend. It'll be the bagging mower and the Snapper will be the mulcher.

I got lucky, the Snapper has a WTI-125v Robin (originally a 21350p) and was very cheap (couldn't believe the guy hadn't sold it sooner because it was so cheap). He even gave me a full tank of gas, so it was almost like getting it at 20% off given today's gas prices. I'm excited that I got a 2 cycle Robin as I've wanted one for quite some time, but couldn't find any in the area. Pictures will be posted after it's a bit more presentable. It's likely older than my HR214, but the deck was in very good shape and the engine started very easily. Obviously it was re-engined, but don't know when.

1. Amsoil Saber at 100:1? Too lean? Am I risking seizing the engine? Since it calls for 45~50:1 mix, 100:1 seems too lean. I want to protect the engine, but at the same time I don't want to have to a major cloud of smoke (too many childhood memories of Dad mixing the oil very rich for his Lawnboys).

2. Can I make the engine compliant? Meaning, can I add the operator shut-down without too much of a hassle? Better to leave it as is?

3. There is no bag chute safety interlock on it. Big deal or not? Frankly since I expect to always mulch with it and never take off the mulch plate, I don't think of it as a big deal.

4. I noticed it appears that there is a K&N airfilter available for it. Is this overkill? Wrong application? Or would anyone recommend it over a paper element?

5. Any other recommendations?

What I've liked in the 24 hours I've owned it:
* Simplicity of construction compared to the HR214. I love that I can go around the deck and the handle with just my hands, a set of ratchets and work on the mower so much more easily than the Honda. Everything is out in the open.
* The drive system is very cool. Simple and straightforward, and despite the age of the deck it pulls like a truck.
* Will eventually change the plastic wheels for steel ones with ball bearings.
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