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First oil change on new motor?

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Just bought a new Craftsman YT4000 witha B&S Platinum 24hp v-twin.
How many hours should it have before I change the "break in oil"?
I usually try to change oil in a new mower at about 8hrs.
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I think that Briggs recommends to change the oil around 25-50 hours. It was 25 in 2003 with my John Deere L120 and I would imagine that is probably the same today.

If you read the operators manual in maintenance it will have the hours that you should do the oil change. Just be sure to change that oil filter.
I usually change the oil early on the very first time ( something a friend who has commercially mowed for many years told me to do )
just wondering how everyone else does this on a new engine?
thanks for the comment Michael.
According to my owners manual after the first 5 hrs. was the recommendation on the Kohler CV15 on my Deere. After that 50 hrs or annually which ever comes first. I always try to stay within an hour or two of the manufacture recommendations especially on the first oil change.

I'm still counting down on my new Honda generator. I'll probably have a 3 day power outage just before I need to change out the "break in" oil. :rolleyes:
I'd perform the oil change twice a year, oil still is not than expensive, a mower works under dusty and dirty conditions...Once a year is OK for automobiles, except those in an Oklahoma dust storm....
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