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Find Toro manuals online here.

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You can find Toro manuals here. It is helpful to have the model number of the machine you are looking for, or you may browse the model list.

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Hmmm, showed up as a 1995 or 1996 model when I tried, but wouldn't open when I tried the serial number range. Did you try any other model numbers? I tried just opening a random model number from the model list, and same thing, it wouldn't open the manual when I tried the serial range. I'll try on another day, and if it still doesn't work, I'll try emailing Toro.
I have contacted Toro and told them of the trouble that seems to occur in getting their manuals online. This was their response.

Dear Mr. Bruce Woodburn,

Thank you for taking the time to contact The Toro Company. We are sorry to learn of the difficulty you have experienced withour website, and appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

Our site makes use of dynamic HTML/XHMTL and is designed to display properly in Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome 5+ and Safari 5+. The Macromedia Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office and CAD Software are required to view portions of this site. use of an alternate browser or a Mac may be why you are experiencing difficulties.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience this has caused you and appreciate your taking the time to notify us.


Peggy D.
Customer Care Representative

Toro has been very responsive in sending pdf of the manuals I have requested of them via email since they would not download from their site. If anyone else is trying to get an owner's manual, and cannot get it to download, try contacting their customer service via email.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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