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howdy all its capstan from MTF walk behind mowers section.....

awhile ago i think it was brad (maybe?) told me that there was this new forum opening up all about mowers and it needed moderators......

well i never took up on the moderator offer but here i am!

(a little about yours truly)

my name is Kori Kirtchenbalm
and i have
LBAD (lawnboy addiction disorder) ,
DSAD ( D series addiction disorder),
FEAD ( F engine AD),
VMAD (victa mower AD)
(darn im addicted !)

anyway here i am!

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:welcome: Capstan!!

Glad you made it over here from MTF! That is really cool.

Would love to see photos and hear a little more about your equipment! :)

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well sorry no pics (camera is toast) but the machines that i have right now are

lawnboy 8237 (not running as im doing a resto that's gonna take AGES!)
toro recycler II (best mower IMO)
toro recycler III (cream puff that died)
murray 20" (mean slasher)

(plus some misc whippersnippers and blowers)

now that the spring is here lawnboys will be flooding in...... im gonna snag not just sell this year...

my main problem with posting is stuff comes and goes so fast that im always up to my head in projects....... good to be busy..... :D
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