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I don't know guys, I think Steve you already have all the linkages on the carb you need. But there would need to be a back tension spring on the governor someplace and I'm guessing that is hidden behind the plate that the throttle cable is mounted too and tied to the plate the throttle cable moves back and forth.

I think either the choke should have an internal spring on the shaft to open it when pressure from the throttle cam is removed from the linkage or maybe the vacuum pulls it back open.

My book shows they use either a vertical control plate or a horizontal control plate. You have the horizontal control plate. I suspect that new link you have is for the vertical plate model and is used for the choke in that setup. Edit: On second thought I think the link you bought is for the Nikki carb. You have the Walbro carb.

I found some similar photos to by book online at the website linked below:

Disassembly of 498027 Carb from Briggs 28B700 Series Engine (28B702 1173)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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