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I have a Lazer HD 48" cut with the 18 HP Kohler engine. When I fired it up to get ready for mowing this past week I found that it runs like it is not getting enough fuel. If I give it a little choke it runs fine. I replaced the fuel filter last fall so I am assuming that it is ok.I cleaned the foam on the filter and the filter itself looks ok.

Any ideas of what other things I should check, repair or replace?


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Could be the fuel got a little too old and the gas, ethanol, and water started to separate out gumming things up a bit.

I ran into that last week with my Briggs power washer. Despite my best efforts with Sea Foam I ended up dropping the float bowl and running a twist tie wire, some spray Gumout, and compressed air through the main jet and small ports to resolve it.

I'd always run fuel stabilizer in it as well so even that does not always prevent it from happening. :(
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