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Exmark problems.

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I have an Exmark Zero turn rider. When I slow down the right side hydro to take a right it is slow to respond and then all of the sudden the right wheel will briefly lock up. Its getting hard to control. The hydro fluid if full and I changed the filter 2 months ago. I had always heard that a hydro pump fails completely when it dies - there is not a slow death. I only use my mower on my 2.5 acre yard - I do not mow for a living - I have about 10 cuts at 1 hr a cut on the mower after I changed the filter and fluid. Does any one know what is happening - Can I fix it or do I need to buy a new pump for the right side?
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I am not a hydraulics person, but I wonder of your steering valve may be causing problems?
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In addition to what Brad mentioned a couple thoughts..

Maybe some trapped air in the system after the filter change?

Does it creep any when set to the stop location? Maybe the right side linkage needs adjusted?

Does it have bypass/bleeder valves on the motors that might not be tightly closed?
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