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I swapped an engine on a toro time cutter.
Went from a Briggs 286H770 to a Briggs 31C707.
The issue Is the throttle linkage cable seems like it is too short. It is connected properly but keeps the Carb idler at full throttle.
Below is the setup seems to be the same setup on my Troy Built Pony.
the screw adjustment does nothing because the linkage is to short so it always keeps it wide open.

the adjustment from the mower throttle can not be pushed far enough foward to make a difference.

So Questions.
Should i just make or try to order longer linkage and spring?
really dont want to adjust the govener because i dont know if i could get it set correctly.
Should i just adjust the card and let it run wide open?
The only difference i see in the engine setups are one was a rear engine and the replacment was either off a push mower or a front engine.
But the throttle linkage and set is exactly the same between the two as far as i can tell.
Just dont know what the best solution is in this situation?



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