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Engine Cutting Out on Craftsman Lawn Tractor

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I have this posted over at MyTractorForum but thought it may get a better response over here. I'm having problems with my Craftsman Lawn Tractor:

I have a 13.5 Horse Craftsman Lawn Tractor (about a mid 90's model). It starts fine and runs fine, but when I start to let the Clutch out, it cuts off the engine. Also cuts off when I go to engage the Mower Blade (with the Manual type lever).

Ran fine till just yesterday. I would say that I have some kind of Safety Switch problem, but just wondering if anyone out there is familiar with this type of problem and I'm trying to find out what would be the best way to fix it. Electrical problems are not my specialty, lol. I don't mind at all to just bypass it, if fixing it the factory way would be more trouble than it's worth.

Any info would be appreciated.

The Model No is: 917.270430


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Welcome to MLMF Bill. I took a quick look at the owner's manual for your tractor, and on page 25, or so, it does say:

Loose or damaged wiring may cause
your tractor to run poorly, stop running, or
prevent it from starting.
• Check wiring. See electrical wiring
diagram in the Repair Parts section

So peeking at the diagram, seems there are three switches in there somewhere. One on the seat, one for the clutch, and one for the deck clutch.

I'd start by checking them to see that they are connected properly, and that the contacts are clean, and see if that does the trick for you.
That's the one I saw. Maybe the folks you bought it from still have the manual around.
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