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Emark Buyers Beware

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I bought a new Exmark Lazer Z back in 2009. This machine has had nothing but problems since day one. At first Exmak was real good about the warranty. As time went on they would not do anything about the the many problems plaguing this poorly designed and defective machine.

The first problem I had was with the Briggs and stratton motor. The motor never ran right and the motor would never turn over right at start up. Also because of the air filter location 5 inches off the ground, the air intake would clog up within an hour of use. Exmark said these are not problems and I am crazy for thinking anything is wrong. A few months later the motor blew up with 250 hours and Exmark would not cover the repairs saying I was at fault which according to the repair shop is false. This motor had plenty of oil and was maintained properly. I had to pay full price for a new motor on a machine with 250 hours that was under full factory warranty.

The blower on this machine has been replaced 4 times in less than 400 hours (yes that's four hundred hours not four thousand hours) because of the defective design of the blower housing. The blower housing is made from plastic which will not support the impeller bearing. I have had this blower unit replaced 4 times and now Exmark says this is my fault, which again, according to the repair shop is not true and is because on a defect is the design.

I have had this lawn mower in the shop at least 20 times in the past 2 years for all kinds of problems. The time this machine has been down has cost me several thousand dollars. I even had to buy another rider to get my by while this machine is in the shop an hour drive away. If you add up all the repairs that have been done to this machine both under warranty and out of pocket it would be around $10k, more than this unit cost new and I am still stuck with a broken lawn mower that Exmark refuses to do anything about. As of today I have no working blower. I bought this machine because it had a blower!!

I'm not even going to go into how poorly this mower cuts and the damage done by a fork lift when the machine was unloaded and the dealership. And yes I saw the machine being unloaded....Exmarks refuses to honor the warranty.

Exmark says all of the problems this machine is having is because of me which is false. Keep in mind I ran a Home Depot residential riding lawn mower for 4 years with no problems!! Why now that I'm runing a supposed commercial mower does the whole thing fall apart? I'm not one of these guys that tries to keep everything super perfect. I can work around minor issues.

I researched buying an Exmark for 3 -4 years before making the purchase. I dreamed about owning one of these machines.....I can tell you now this was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my adult life. This lawnmower has ruined my business. It is the biggest pile of junk I have ever owned. I could have paid less money and bought a Hustler.
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Sorry to hear about your machine. It is sad when manufacturers have a unit that continues to cause problems. I am sure that all brands have a "lemon" occasionally, as there are probably Lexmark owners that would not ever consider a different brand. Good luck on your issues.
Grassy 1, Welcome to MLMF!

Wow! I have read my share of unhappy customers and their disappointments with a variety of machines...but yours takes the cake.

Is there anyway to invite a representative from Lexmark here? Or, do you have a contact name and number that I might write to so that we may invite him here? He may shed some light on some kind of legal recourse or at least work with you if he finds common ground to meet on? I'm not suggesting you are fabricating your story but, we've only heard your side of it. A Lexmark representative might show us their perspective and maybe you both can work out something together.

Thanks for joining and I'll be looking forward to future posts and updates if you care to share them here.

Welcome to the forum Grassy. :)

Have you sought any legal counsel over the issues Exmark refused to cover under warranty?
First,I've never seen a exmark with briggs power.Even at there website,does not list briggs power.Wonder if the dealer is on the up and up?Lazers are a commercial unit,and come with kohler or kawasaki
Can you post a picture of your unit and the engine? What model within the LazerZ series do you have?
I have been well satisfied with my Lazer Z X.

Was your mower a "commercial grade" or "homeowner" model?

Hello-newbie here. I just purchased an Exmark dealer trade in-a 72" diesel(Kubota) Lazer z, for my personal use-large field that took 4-5 hours with my old Craftsman rider. I was intimidated at first by the shere size and power and it took me over 10 minutes to get it under control-like riding a bucking bronco. But I did and it mowed the field in less than 20 minutes and I am still alive to write this reply. I am extremely pleased with the quality and the dealer salesman went out of his way to make everything right(even delivered it himself-40 miles away). However the service dept was not very ethical telling me that they did the required maintenance- lubing, blade sharpening, when they did not. I did what was required and learned alot about the machine doing the work myself. Sorry your machine was not reliable- For me the Exmark is a remarkable, well built solid(1700#) mower-Rolf
Here in Sw. Pa most landscapers run and swear by Exmark . I for one , run a Scag Tiger Cub and would never run any engine besides the Kawasaki . The reason I prefer the scag is the lower center of gravity. The Kawasaki , just because I never had an issue with them.
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