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Elvis Grabbed My Lawnmower

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I've changed my mind on what I'm going to cover my Gator's seats with..

Enjoy Elvis in action here,

MarkO, you can have the other dried gator skin I was saving...:ROFL
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That's nuts! Mower even running and everything.

When I first opened the thread and saw the photo I thought it was a joke, it looked quite a bit like it had been Photoshopped but then when I scrolled down a bit further and noticed there was a video, I was surprised that it was actually real!

Haha, you just gotta love the calm expression on his face at 28 sec in while he's relaxing next to the mower after his hard work. You get the impression that he's proud of what he's done and that whatever happens, ain't nobody touching his lawnmower! :D
Must admit, thought it was faked too...:D

If it were my, I think it wouldn't be my mower any more ;).
I have my doubts whether there was a blade on that thing or not, but that croc did loose a couple of teeth.
Now, if they'd have started that mower after they pulled it out...:D
....MarkO, you can have the other dried gator skin I was saving...:ROFL
No thanks! Unless they are already made into a pair of boots or a suitcase I don't care to touch them. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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