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Electrical problem

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I have an older Husqvarna riding lawnmower. It runs just fine but suddenly the 30 amps fuse keeps blowing. I mowed for almost 1 hour the engine seemed to get extremely hot (oil quantity is OK) suddenly it started to run rough and then it quit. I purchased a new battery the old one was 4 years old. I found the fuse blow and replaced it the tractor started and ran for about 2 minutes and the fuse blew again. Any suggestions where this short might be coming from?
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:howdy: Welcome to MLMF!

Chasing suspect wiring problems can be quite a headache, but quite often it's the simplest things we tend to overlook. The blown fuse could mean poor/dirty connections beginning from the starter switch all the way through you harness to the positive and negative leads to your battery. It's been my experience that removing each wire one at a time, and cleaning (wire brush and emery cloth) does the job most of the time...It's where I would start anyway.

If you suspect your engine is running hot, it's a good time to remove your engine tins (and plastic shrouds) to expose the cylinder. You may find grass, dirt, insect or mice nesting that's preventing the air from doing it's job...circulating and cooling the engine.

I'm sure others will have thoughts about your problem too :welcome:
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