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Eclipse mower in NJ

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I have a vintage Eclipse "Speedway" reel mower (series1403) with sulky for sale, in central New Jersey. I've never run it; it's been in my grandfather's garage for decades. Still has original tires, which look okay. It's orange in color, in excellent condition, and should only need a cleanup and a tune-up. The word "Speedway" is cast in relief on the hubcaps. It cuts either a 36" or a 42" swath.

The engine is a Briggs and Stratton model 14R6, type 202823, serial # 606821. There is a crank attached to the mower which looks like it's for starting the engine.

I need to find a home for it. If you're interested, or can help me find someone who is, I'd be most grateful! My cellphone number is 609-273-3397. I can email photos (don't know how to attach them here).

Bill Flemer
Princeton, NJ
[email protected]
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If you were closer, I'd be the first in line for it.
Sounds like a nice mower!

Any pics?
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