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I was wondering how safe it is to join ebay? I just like you all input to question.
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I've bought and sold a fair number of things on ebay over the years. Ebay, and PayPal have safeguards in place. If you aren't already a member, I'd recommend you take a look around at their sites, and read what they have to say to familiarize yourself with them.
i've bought alot of stuff on ebay....never a problem..
Same here. I've bought and sold quite a bit on Ebay over the years and never have had a problem either.

Always make sure you read the feedback of the seller first before buying/bidding. On the larger purchases, I will often contact them beforehand and ask them a question or two for extra reassurement. Ebay now has protection plans which will cover your purchase if something goes wrong,
About our buyer protection programs

When you setup a PayPal account, the funds are simply transferred from your account to theirs or vice versa. This makes it so there are no credit card numbers that get shared or anything like that on either end.

When it comes to shipping, always read their particular shipping policy & included shipping cost to mail the item so that you know what you'll be paying and how long to expect to recieve it. Most the time, the seller will send you an automated email stating when the item was shipped with an included tracking number.

Overall, yes I definitely say yes that it is safe but like I said above, always do the homework before bidding and confirm the seller is legit by checking their feedback and also contacting them beforehand if you wish. There are millions of people who use it and being that Ebay has done some more things over the years that protect the buyer and seller more such as their protection programs, it has made it even safer.
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In my opinion eBay is probably about as safe as it gets on the web. Afterall, it has been going for years and there are thousands of members and, like was already stated, they do have a number of protections in place for the buyers and sellers. Of course, there will always be a few bad buyers or sellers around that are bound to make trouble, but even then they can't take you over too much if you get eBay involved.
The word safe should definitely vary on what you are going to do with it.

Obviously, you are going to do some shopping and though it would not be something easy to get over with, considering the lot of sellers to choose from, it would be vital to pick one that has a strong feedback.

Well, there are a lot of power sellers but I am not sure if they are what they say they are as feedback could easily be solicited elsewhere.
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