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Easy & Cheap Cup Holder!

Parts Needed:

Small section of 3" or 4" PVC
3" or 4" PVC cap

Tools Needed:


3" is good for "soda" or bottle "soda"

4" is good for mugs or to make the "cooler version"

Ok, this is simple and cheap, all you have to do is cut a piece of pipe to "X" amount of inchs, I say "X" because it depends on what kind of drink or cup you carry. Now, glue the PVC cap on one end.... this may take a trip or two to the hardware stores as a "flat" cap is a little hard to find.

Now, how to get it to stick to your tractor? If you have a old magnetic parts tray, take the magnet off of it as it works perfect and has a vinyl protector on it to save your tractor from scuffs. You can also use a speaker magnet and glue some form of cloth/felt to it. Whatever you choose make sure its strong enough to not be tipped or bumped off from movement of the tractor. Now just take some real good glue, and attach the magnet to the bottom.


Paint to match your rig

Cut out notch for "Handle" mugs

Cooler Version - Take a freezer koozie and if you want, glue it into the 4" pipe, store in freezer, take out and attach when your ready to work. You dont have to glue the koozie in, but its wants to come out when you lift the can/bottle out

Originally posted on August 2011.
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