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Took my 10525 to a customers to mow today. Well, guess what. No start. I pulled. The customer pulled. It fired twice in about 45 mins. Throw it back on the truck, go back home. I took the old plug out, it was soaked. I put a new plug in after pulling it a few times to clear it out. Nothing. Checked for spark. None. Pulled the coil off. (Now this is a duraforce, but the coil isn't anything like the normal duraforce coils. This looks just like an F coil. The number is 484046 or something like that.) Gave the coil to my wife and I asked her to bake it for about an hour on 200 deg. No way, she says. Not in my oven. It'll blow up from the gas. I explained that this didn't have gas in it and it was OK. She takes it in the house as I load up an old mower and head back to the customers. Got the yard mowed, weed trimmed, etc, and headed home. When I got there, I found the coil sitting on the bench in the garage. Still warm, just like a loaf of freshed baked bread. Anyway, I put the duraforce back together under the watchful, but disbelieving, eye of my wife. When I finished, I gave the old girl one pull on the rope and she fired right up. Well, she couldn't believe it! Had to go back in the house, call our son (the college professor), and says, "Guess What!". Our son says, "How does dad know how to do all these neat things?" Linda says, "He learned it on that Tractor Forum thing."

You can learn some interesting things on a forum, can't you?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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