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Dura -Force Self Propel Not working

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Oh boy . If this is not a classic. So my Neighbor from across the street comes over ,and asks to use my Lawnboy ,says he was almost done with his yard ,and his Lawnmower conked out ,and he had like 4 strips left to cut. The thing is ,the day before ,he had helped me hang a piece of sheet-rock in my garage (5/8) ,so heavy ,on the ceiling ,where I had water damage from a leak ,so I felt ,I couldn't say no . Well he returned it 10 mins later . and I thought nothing .But the next day ,I fired it up ,to make sure it still ran ,and it did . Well the next saturday I went too cut my lawn ,and it was not responding to the self propel cable. I checked ,and the belt was not broken ,it seems to disengage ,but no pull at all. Is the Clutch fried or something? Any help appreciated! Thanx.
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Not sure if they're all like this, but there really is no clutch per se. The cable that's attached to the squeeze bail goes to a spring that literally pivots the whole transmission assembly until the belt is tight on the pulley, thus engaging the drive. Pull the cover off the tranny and squeeze the drive bail and see if the belt it tightening on the pulley. While you're there, manually spin the pulley clockwise and see if the wheels turn. If they do it'll be slow. With the cover off you should be able to see any external issues pronto.
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