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Drive disc slows under load

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I have a Snapper 21" self-propelled mower. I changed the drive belt about 4 months ago and it's been working fine. All of the sudden the drive disc seem s to slipping under any kind of load including higher speeds (positions 4,5 &6). The belt doesn't seem to be worn and there's no obvious way to adjust the tension. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi shnaig, welcome to MLMF. Is there any possibility that something oily got on the drive disc? Also, what's the condition of the rubber on the drive system. It could be that it needs to be replaced as well.
I don't think I was clear enough in the original post. The drive disc itself slows down which would imply that it's slipping on the drive belt. When that happens, naturally everything else slows down.
O.K., the Snapper I had experience with had a spring in the cable that activated the drive belt. I don't remember that there was any adjustment to shorten the cable, making for more tension on the drive belt. I suppose is it possible that over time the cable has stretched, or the spring isn't as springy as it once was. Given you were sold the correct belt 4 months ago, it could be the belt just didn't have the life expectancy it should have.
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