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DR Tow Behind Field and Brush Mower

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I have one and there is no lift to the blades. Wonder why?
Anybody else experience this, or have a solution?
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Welcome szyg6h. :)

Do your blades look like the ones pictured below I found on DR's website?

DR® Power Equipment - Tow Behind Field and Brush Mower Accessories

Looking at the blades there are no "wings" on the backside of them. The wings seen on finish mower blades are what give the lift action. Also the design of the deck for finish mowers has more of a tunnel shape to aid and direct airflow.

You might be able to find some finish mower blades for it with wings to create some lift. But it might reduce it's ability to plow through tall grass and brush which finish mowers don't normally have to do.
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Yes those are the blades pictured and you make some very good points about the deck, and powering through tall thick grass- hadn't thought of that.
Yes, I knew there were no wings, and that is why "no lift" which I was questioning. Probably because of the points you mention, and as I later thought, these blades swing if they hit an unmovable object, pivoting on those bolts you see. If there was "lift" those blade might not swing, or bind on the bolts.
It is just that you don't get clean mowing when the wheels of the ATV and of the mower mat down the grass/weeds. Overlapping helps, but sometimes that is not even effective.
thanks for you comments and help,
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