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Can I Hot Shot my DR Field & Brush mower, it has a 12 V battery ??
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By "hot shot" do you mean jump start?

Yes I did mean jump start thats why I mentioned it had a 12 V battery

Can't see why it can't be should work just like jump starting on any other battery.
Yep, I agree with Wayne. Should work ok.

I've done it numerous times but I always get a little queasy jumping batteries especially of different sizes if they are totally dead and instead try a charger first. I have visions of the dead battery having a shorted cell or other internal fault and going KA-BOOM! when I hook up the cables. Chargers with the limited current if nothing else give me a more comfortable feeling. :eek:

Cool !! Yea I tried charging but didn't get any good results. The started spins or sounds like it is but the motor doesn't even try to crank. So I don't know if that info changes anything or not but trying a jump start seemed like a good next step ?

Thanks guys this is NO WAY an emergency but I will post more when I try it and check back for any other post.

Gotta love the Net !!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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