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:ditto: with Doc and FIVE!

I added rubber foot pads to my little (tiny) Yanmar YM1300D. Took my precious time cutting them down from a large truck wheel flap too. They looked good but....eventually, sandy grit found it's way between the metal and bottom side of the rubber. AND when the rubber was wet it was just as slippery :ROFL.

Did what DrBailey did. :cool. They've been changed out once in 5 years and all it took was a little coaxing with a hairdryer to get them to release.

My latest venture (on one of my bigger tractors) from 1- falling off and looking the fool to my neighbors as they laughed at my misfortune and, 2- trying something a little outside the box, was carefully masking and applying Truck Bed Liner (The WalMart stuff) to the step treads. Most everyone said it wouldn't work....kinda thought it wouldn't work either. But, it worked great. No way moisture or abrasive stuff can sandwitch in between and it wears like Iron. And oh year, it's not slippery even when wet.
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