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Does anybody have this obsolete part?

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Hi All,
Just joined up today and I am hoping somebody out there can help me. I have a Craftsman tractor (model # 917.259551 - green color, bought in 1996, hydrostatic drive, 15.5 hp Kohler, 42 inch deck) and had an issue with the mower deck. Bolt on the left side of the tractor frame came out that supported the deck to the frame. Somehow the bolt ripped the threads out of the frame. Bolt was actually fine. I realized something was happening, went to disengage the blades and the engaging lever snapped off in my hand (part # 154809). I tried to look everywhere for this part and it is obsolete. I welded the part back together, but do not know how long that will last. Does anybody know what tractor models this part was on? Anyone ever run into this problem before? Anyone know of a lawn tractor salvage yard out there that may have this part? Any and all help will be appreciated.
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sorry to be getting back to you this late.

I am not familiar with this model of tractor, but I might suggest watching Craigslist or Ebay for the part. Worst case scenario, you could check into having a machine shop make a replacement part. Might be a little costly, but then might not be much more expensive than the original part if it was available.

Other brands of mowers might have this part, too, and they may not be obsolete. See if you can find out who made this model for Sears.
I have looked EVERYWHERE, for this thing. The mower was actually made by Husqvarna and rebadged a Craftsman. I researched Husky, craftsman, craig's, ebay, amazon, google, many local salvage yards. I got plenty of leads but no luck yet.
Could you post a picture of the part you are needing?

I searched the part number and found that they are no longer made. However, I do have a newer Craftsman that might have the identical part that I could part out maybe.
Here is a pic



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Thanks for the pictures Hoss; I'll take a closer look at mine on Monday and see if the part would be compatable.
PM sent!

The part on my Craftsman is the same as the one on yours. I was planning to get a used engine to put in this tractor and get it running again, but I'll be glad to part it out so you can have the part you need.
and that has the 10mm shaft on it? If so I'll take it. How much do you want for it? can you give me the model number of the tractor your taking it off of. So I can look it up to see if the part numbers are the same. No sense in going thru all of this if the part won't work. Thanks
Check you PM's, Hoss,

I'll have to take the part off and take some more accurate measurements, but I think this same part was used on a large veriaty of the older Craftsman GT's.

The model number on my tractor is #917.255950
What Luck. I'm in the process of inventory all the parts I bought from a shop that was open over 30 years and the owner is retiring.
I have the part you are looking for. 154809, I have just 1.
Drop me a private message or email me at [email protected]

And for anyone else needing something hard to find or obsolete, let me know what is is. I bought over $30,000 dollars worth of parts to include a ton of the older stuff. I'm in the process of getting it all inventoried.
is the diameter of the shaft 10mm? Where are you located? how much do you want for the part?
Here is the one off of my tractor; it this what you're looking for?

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It measures 9.55 mm
15 plus shipping cost
Mine measured 10mm.
In order to make it worth my time to part the tractor out I'm asking $25 plus shipping.
That will include the nob and fastener bolt.
Pictures are alittle different. Make sure you check them good. Not sure which one you need and not a big deal to me. If anyone else is looking for hard to find parts let me know. I'll sell them to you cheap. Brought another trailer load home today. He doesn't have much left, only Kohler and Toro and Toro is taking most back. Should have the rest in next week or two.
Hey, what a deal! Glad you came here and located at least 1 of the parts you need. Be sure to pass the word about your find on our website. Maybe fwfd can help some other folks out.

Thanks fwfd and Wayne!
I started posting parts on ebay tonight. I have a couple thousand more to go.
my ebay store is "SS Engine Repair" If you spot something on there you need just let me know and I'll take another 25% off to forum members. I'm already selling everything way below retail and sometimes wholesale. Also have over 160 Suzuki Service Manuals that I'm in the process of posting on ebay. I'll try and get a list here also.
Thanks for help Wayne, unfortunately that's not the part I'm looking for. FWFD. THAT IS THE PART I'M LOOKING FOR. Can you give me your address and and the total amount (including shipping) and I'll mail a check down to you, then you can ship the part to me.
No problem Hoss; I'm glad fwfd has the right part for you!
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