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Do you sharpen your own lawnmower blades or take them to a shop to be done instead?

  • I sharpen the blades myself

    Votes: 14 82.4%
  • I take the blades to a shop to be sharpened

    Votes: 3 17.6%

Do you sharpen your own lawnmower blades?

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I thought it would be interesting to see who does and doesn't sharpen their own lawnmower blades and also how often you do them or have them done; annually, seasonally etc.

I'll start out by saying I don't sharpen mine, I take them in and normally have them sharpened once every couple of years on my two rotary mowers.
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I do all of mine at the beginning of the season only using a hand file. I have a Dremal attachment, bench grinder and angle grinder but still go back and do them the way I started many years ago. The Toro and Deere blades have good steel in them so really little more then a touch up is needed. The replacement MTD blade I have is pretty soft though. But it is only used for a few minutes of trimming every week or two.

Now back on the old grandparents farm mowing field grass, weeds, and cow patties was a different story. :D

We took the bench grinder to them at least a couple times per season. Sometimes they still looked about like a dull boomerang by the time we pulled them.
I sharpen my own blades.

I'm also a firm believer in using a file.

My 4 1/2" grinder is no stranger to my bushhog blades...:cool:
i sharpen my own...mostly with a file but the bench grinder is used when there might be a big nick in the blade due to a stone etc..i sharpen when i feel the blades arent doing a good job but usually no more than 2 times a season
I've sharpened them myself in the past, but the shop can put a better edge on them than I ever could. I've never tried the file method, but hearing more people say they do it themselves that way, I just might try.

I have two sets of blades for the mowers I use regularly and get both sharpened up at the beginning of the season. About half way through the mowing season, I change out the blades.
Sharpening lawnmower blades is something I've always done myself.

Generally I use my 4 1/2" angle grinder, but when my blades are severely nicked I use the bench top grinder to so that I can grind more aggressively. I haven't yet had a chance yet to sharpen reel mower blades, but from what I hear that's allot more challenging that a regular lawnmower blade.
I do my own sharpening as a seasonal thing. When I sell a mower, it also gets a sharpened blade as part of it's "tune-up."
I have to deal with Gopher mounds with small rocks in them. That dulls blades fast. I sharpen my own with a bench grinder, and have to do it often. I'll use up a set of blades in a year.
Over the years I have used every method to sharpen blades. I have a push mower, 2 snapper riders, a zero turn grasshopper and a bush hog. Each one had two extra sets of blades. So that's 15 blades that need sharpening. This is just for my own use. I hate dull blades.
Every method I used was a pain in the butt! So I decided on this Bradley grinder. Since every mower I have has a different blade size, this grinder adjusts to any angle you want to put on the blade and it's reversible. The RPM's are half the speed of a normal grinder so the blade doesn't heat up much. The regular price was about $379. I got it on ebay for $175 brand new in the box last month. Of course, first thing I did was to sharpen every blade I have. No ratty, jagity looking hand done blade edge. It looks like it came from the factory.
By the way, I don't work for the company. I'm in Louisiana USA and the company is in Illinois. Made in USA too!
They still have them I ebay I see. Sold 19 and have 10 left. There price now is $195. It was when I bought mine too. BUT I offered $175 and it was accepted.
Here it is:
Bradley Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener | eBay


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