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Do you remember your first one?

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Lawn mower, that is. All this talk about lawn mowers made me think back to the ones I've owned over the years since moving into my house back in '76.

I know back then, a lawn mower was a lawn mower to me. Features smeatures, it's just supposed to cut the grass for crying out loud. I had a new house with grass that needed to be cut, and I couldn't keep borrowing the father-in-law's. Now I collect mowers and refurbish them!

My first mower was red. Bought it at a discount department store. Don't remember the brand or much more about it other than it was a rear bagger with an aluminum deck. It did what I wanted it to do until one day it wouldn't start. I wasn't much into fixing things back then, so I gave it to my brother-in-law who needed a mower and I went out and bought a Snapper.

How about you guys? What was your first mower?
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Many of you have already seen my first lawnmower I used and still have. Well at least one that did not have a plastic engine and handle. :D

Dad bought it used in 1965. First time I used it I had to push on the little cross brace of the handle when going up a slight grade. Top of the handle was at eye level. I used it on our small 50'x100' yard, a neighbors yard and up at may grandparents farm several years. It's also mowed our 1/3 acre here several times over the years. Still normally starts on the first or second pull once or twice a year when I warm it up and add a tiny bit of fresh fuel each time to the tank. Next was a Toro Whirlwind and an MTD mulcher then the newest a Toro Super Recycler from around 2000. Still have all of them. (Yes I have a problem with letting go and change. :D )

First rider was this 4 hp Springfield dad bought from his aunt in the 1970's. I don't have a digital photo of it.

It ended up on the grandparents farm and unfortunately was torn apart and it's parts put to other uses early 80's. It's frame and rear wheels and axle is the the frame under my tow behind trailer. It's front wheels are on my tiller. The engine is in the shed waiting to be restored. Next rider was a Jacobsen LT 860 dad bought from the same aunt in the early 80's. No digital photo of it either:

It was traded on the John Deere I have now.
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