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Do you remember your first one?

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Lawn mower, that is. All this talk about lawn mowers made me think back to the ones I've owned over the years since moving into my house back in '76.

I know back then, a lawn mower was a lawn mower to me. Features smeatures, it's just supposed to cut the grass for crying out loud. I had a new house with grass that needed to be cut, and I couldn't keep borrowing the father-in-law's. Now I collect mowers and refurbish them!

My first mower was red. Bought it at a discount department store. Don't remember the brand or much more about it other than it was a rear bagger with an aluminum deck. It did what I wanted it to do until one day it wouldn't start. I wasn't much into fixing things back then, so I gave it to my brother-in-law who needed a mower and I went out and bought a Snapper.

How about you guys? What was your first mower?
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my first one was a sears early to mid 60's vintage if i remember right...bought it from a fellow for 25 dollars...i was in my late teens not knowing much about mowers , this one kept snapping rear axles for some reason, used it for one summer then bought a new craftsman mower since then i've had 2 craftsman mowers , an mtd ,a wheel horse and now a john deere..i learned alot about mower repair since those early days and wish i still have all of those old mowers
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