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This is interesting reading. I enjoy everyone's different opinions and possible causes and solutions. I have a thaught also.

In the past I have experienced this very same problem and the (hard to start) issue was caused by the fact that the flywheel was not turning fast enough. If I used the tractor LOW Amps battery, it turned slow, almost stoped at compression stroke and past the compression stroke it picked up speed, and sometimes coughed or started depending on it being Cold, or warmed up.

I would BOOST off my truck,. just like our O.P. here, and it would turn easier and start eventually.

My solution was to open the startor motor, and clean the brushes and the stator assembly throughly, I can't remember if i replaced the brushes, but anyhoot, A cleaning helped me 100%. I was told that I was loosing all my Amperage off my start cycles, due to the amount of dirt in the startor motor.

I agree, a small engine will have a charging system to re-charge the BTTY. However, lets examine a couple. There is a common one wire voltage regulator that puts out may be 4 amps, (not very fast) then there is a 2 wire stator to voltage regulator that charges twice as fast, it can reach 14 amps may be a little better, and there is the alternator/regulator assembly that can provide 30 amps.

As a rule, most v twin briggs, have a two (yellow) wires regulators, and they put out just enough amperage to run a pair of low watts head lamps, a electric pto clutch and dump some amps left over into the battery. provided there is no more resistance in the electrical circuits.

It would be a lot easier to help, if we knew the model of the engine in question and a picture of the stator assembly below the flywheel once the flywheel was removed.

Hope this also helps.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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