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Do I really have to pull the motor on Toro Timecutter MX5050 just to replace muffler?

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I have a Timecutter MX5050 with model 74770 with Kohler engine and I can't get access to muffler bolts to remove. Trying to see if there is a trick to do this without pulling engine which seems crazy to me for just a muffler replacement. Thanks for any help
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Is there a frame cross member and rear guard that could be removed to allow access?
Can you post some pictures around the engine / chassis? Not total familiar with that machine
Thank you bwdbrn1, I did take the guard off and was able fight it and get the muffler off. My real problem was 1 bolt actually came loose and the heat wasted the gasket that I needed to replace. Now I took the valve covers off because of leak and can't tell if is supposed to be Permatex or gasket. Once you get into to something you are in!!
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