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Hey all! I'm brand new here and seeking some information. I recently acquired a Dixon ZTR 503 Commercial mower that appears to be a 1991 model. This mower came to me in a "package deal". It has a Kohler Magnum 20 that runs quite well and the mower itself seems to run just fine. I've added a couple pictures of it below as taken the day that I received it. I've power washed it and cleaned it up a bit since these photos. The gentleman that I purchased this from actually owned a lawn mower repair business. However, his health had been poor over the past few years; so he had not done much with it. I really don't need something of this size to mow the property with and would like to sell it. The problem is, I have NO idea what its worth. Ive searched the web for others like it and it seems that it lands anywhere between 300 and 600. However, I really wanted to run it past some folks who know more about these than I. Also just to be clear... I'm not placing it for sell on this site. I just want some help knowing what its worth. Thank You!!

James (3fan)

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