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Did I hurt the pump/trans?

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I have a 3165 Cub Cadet that has the shaft drive Hydrostatic Transmission.

It had a leak from the bottom of the rear axle housing and I removed the rear end cover to try to stop the leak. I put it back together with some silicone sealer and then drove it to my shed to park it. As I pulled it into the shed I noticed that the trans and power steering were acting up and I just got it pulled into the shed as it quit moving and lost power steering.

The rear was full of fluid and the only thing I could think of was that I must have sucked up a piece of silicone and it was blocking a passage somewhere in the system. I assumed I was going to need to tear the entire trans down.

I pulled the entire trans/rear out of it (took about 2.5 hours) and then pulled the rear axle cover off. No loose silicone, but I did find what was causing the problem. I apparently left a paper towel in the rear axle and it got sucked into the pump pickup. I felt like one of the Surgeons that left a sponge in a patient. The paper towel is intact so I don't think any if it went through the system, I think it was just starving the pump of oil.

I drove the tractor about 100 yards before it stopped moving and I probably left it running for another 30 to 60 seconds trying to figure out what was wrong.


I don't want to tear the pump/trans apart if I don't need to, but by the same token, I don't want to spend 5 hours putting it back in and tearing it out again, if it is definately damaged.

Any way to test the pump without putting it back in the tractor?
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Thanks for the replies.

I called the local CC Dealer and talked to Mechanic today. He said that no longer than I ran it, he thought it would probably be OK.

After work I started putting it back together and just finished getting it back together enough to start it up. No test drive (no fenders/seat or gas tank) but I started it long enough to confirm that I got power steering and forward/reverse so I think it is probably OK and I will finish reassembly tomorrow.
Looks like I got Lucky (if wasting 6 hours working on it is considered lucky) and it is undamaged. I put it all the way back together this evening and took it for a short test drive. Seems to work just like before.
I mowed with it for about 1/2 hour this evening and it seemed to work fine so I think it will be OK.

Just to clarify, I did not tear down and reassemble the trans.

I pulled the whole assembly out of the tractor and pulled the rear axle cover off, but I did not take the pump/trans apart when the concensus seemed to be that the pump probably was not hurt.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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