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Delirum setting in

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So I thought I got my Simplicity Landlord 16hp Vanguard engine fixed.

Replaced all fuel lines
New plugs
New filter
Cleaned jets in carb, cleaned float

Started it up, had to adjust fuel/air settings and I have gas/oil leaking out of the crank and the air filter is soaked w/gas as well. Drained the oil/gas, removed the oil filter.
I'm hoping I just have to rebuild/replace the carb and the rings are ok. The thing I don't understand is I just ran this thing out of gas about a month ago. Since then it hasn't ran or wanted to run after filling it back up w/gas and restarting it. I know it's not a good idea to run the engine out of gas, but it shouldn't have given me this much of a headache to get it running again. I had no issues w/running prior to letting the tank go empty. Needless to say I'm PO'ed that I'm borrowing the neighbors mower. This is a 89 Landlord DLX w/PTO and a 52 in. deck. What would tell me the carb needs to be rebuilt or replaced anyway?
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... What would tell me the carb needs to be rebuilt or replaced anyway?
One indicator would be if you have gas leaking or dampness around the carb while it is not running for a few days.

Hows the condition of your rubber fuel line? I've read where some say the exterior rubber looked good but they were getting small flakes of rubber inside the line breaking loose and getting into the carb causing problems.
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