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I am looking at a buying a Zero Turn Mower.

I found a Cub Cadet Z-Force 48, 22 hp Kohler Courage V-Twin, 36 hours.

They are asking $2800.

Looking for some opinions.


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Welcome to the MLF! :)

Zero turns are definitely nice machines and can cut the average mowing time in half vs. a tractor.

I don't personally know much about the particular model, but I did pull some links that you might find of interest. Depending on the year of it, it looks like it's priced competitively from what I pulled up. More specifically, you could see if there are similar ones for sale in your area to narrow it down even more for an even better comparison.

I would ask the owner what kind of maintenance that's been done and ask to see any paperwork that goes along with it. I would test drive it, test all the functions and see how it opperates and perfoms. Other things to ask are things like:

1. Has it been stored indoors?

2. Any known issues or problems that it's previously had?

3. Are you the original owner?

Take a good look at the machine and inspect it's overall condition; belts, blades, tires etc. It should give a decent indicaction of how well it's been taken care of. It should look fairly new being that it has low hours.

Review Links:

First take on my Cub Cadet Z-Force 50 -

Cub Cadet Z-Force® 48 Zero Turn Rider, ...A very sharp incline mower!!! - Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 Zero Turn Rider -

Cub Cadet Z Force S 48 17AI5BHB information from Consumer Reports

Cub Cadet Recalls Riding Lawn Mowers Due to Fire Hazard

^ It looks like there was a recall, so if you go to look at it, I would ask if it's been done and any paperwork they can provide that documents it.

Keep us updated and hope this helps some.

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Thanks for the info.

It is a one-owner, who traded it in for a Grasshopper.

The dealer has offered a 90-day warranty & said he would replace all the belts & the blades.

Also wondering if anyone knows of any issues with the motor. From what I found the Kohler gets some mixed reviews.
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