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Cub Cadet vs. John Deer

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Hello, I am about to buy a lawn tractor.
I have between ½ to ¾ an acre to mow, slightly hilly. I might want to get a snow blower eventualy. I am loooking for a quick comfortable ride low maintenance, and durability. I will not spend more than $2,000.00. I am leaning toward Cub Cadet. John Deer fans feel free to add your 2 cents.
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Both machines are nice machines that you cannot go wrong with. Just use them as they were designed and intended for and keep up on maintenance.

I'd go to a both a 'Deere and Cadet dealer and take each for a test drive and see what you think.

Almost forgot,

welcome to the site!:)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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