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I have a Cub Cadet RZT 22 with 85 hours. Recently, it has repeatedly blown the 20A fuse on the right side of the mower near a series of relays. I have cleaned all the connections and checked for bare wires and corrected any suspects.
When I start the mower cold, it runs and operates fine for approximately 15 minutes, then the blade stops turning and I know the fuse has blown. I can replace the fuse and it will begin to mow again, but the time between blown fuses decreases with every new fuse.
I have started the mower and let it run for over an hour without the PTO engaged and no problems, so I think it is PTO related. I just want to make sure that it is the PTO itself and not a switch or relay before I shell out the $300 for a new PTO. Any suggestions on what is wrong or how to narrow down the proble? Any help is appreciated.
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