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The current engine is dead and I am in the process of removing it. I have all the engine bolts, belts, flywheels, etc removed.
The shaft that comes out of the bottom of the engine has one more flywheel and what appears to be a pin inside the shaft that i can't seem to get off. I have to remove this to pull the engine out fully.
Any ideas how I can get this last piece off so I can pull the engine out?

Also any good recommendations for where I can purchase a replacement engine?

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Welcome to MLF Chris. I'll take a look at what your talking about and see what I can find unless someone jumps in here with a quick remedy for your Kohler. Meanwhile, enjoy the forums and your time here. :)

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Welcome Chris!

Did you already pull the PTO clutch? If not the only thing I see there is a threaded bolt going up into the engine shaft holding the pulleys and clutch. Probably also a woodruff key or shear key of some type in there to keep the pulleys from turning on the shaft. Might need a puller or some heat to break it loose. MTD Part 710-3157A SCREW-HEX CAP PATC: Patio, Lawn & Garden
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