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Hey everyone, I'm Scott and new to this forum. I picked up a Craftsman ZTS 6000 for short money. The owner didn't know anything about it, just wanted it gone(left behind by prior owner). I got it home, put the jump pack on, and it started up with a spray of starting fluid. I let it run for a bit and then gave it a test ride around the house for about 5 minutes. I didn't noticed anything wrong with the motor or drivetrain. Now here's the doesn't have a mower deck. I'm thinking the original owner removed the deck when it rotted and just ended up using it to haul around a lawn cart or something.
My question it worth trying to track down a replacement deck? I haven't had much luck searching "craftsman zts 6000 mower deck". Are there other decks that will work on this mower? The deck size that its supposed to have is a 52". I just don't want to invest a bunch of money/time into something that in the end won't be worthwhile. Without having any background on the machine it's hard to justify diving in head first. I also need to get under it and ensure that the rest of the components are there and truly the only thing it's missing is the deck.
My other concern was the wear pattern on the tires(right side, but both tires shown for comparison) . I'm new to zero turns, is this normal? Sorry for the blurry sticker photo. Any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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