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Craftsman yts3000 won't start

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Went to turn on the mower this morning and it was dead - I did notice the key was in the on position when I went to start it so I assume it was left in start position all week. Mower worked fine last weekend.

Since this morning. I put in:
new battery
new soleniod
new spark plug
new gas, oil, etc
fuse is not blown.

When I go to start the engine all I see that moves is the starter.

any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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also it looks like the starter won't engage the flywheel - it doesnt raise up to the flywheel to crank the engine - bad starter?
I think I've tried it all that I can think of - any thoughts would be helpfull.

Welcome to the forum Luke. Does the starter seem to be spinning up to speed? If so maybe a tiny bit of lubricant will loosen up the gear so it will slide up the shaft.

What is your Sears xxx.xxxxxxx model number? Sears Parts should show an exploded view. Maybe you can get the starter gear separate of a complete starter if it is otherwise turning up to full speed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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