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Craftsman Won't Start

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I have just recently picked up a Craftsman 6.75hp Self-propelled lawn mower model #917.376583 for free. It doesn't start and I thought if it put a little time into it I could get it running and would have a nice cheap lawn mower. Now I have run fuel stabilizer though it and also took the carb apart and cleaned it still won't start. What it is doing is pulling and would turn over once then the next time nothing it will smoke but just a little bit as I pull on the string. I have put fresh gas in it tried starting it with air filter off and with it on tried dumping fresh gas straight into the carb and everything I could think of. Any help would be appreciated. Also I can not find a primer on it do they have them do I need one what is up with that. also does anybody know what year it is it doesn't look to me more than a couple of years old but I can't find that info any where. Thanks you for all of your help will be looking forward to seeing what you all have to say on the matter. I don't mind putting some money into it just don't want to put a small fortune into it thanks.
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From what you are describing it sounds like it may have a sheared flywheel key, making the ignition out of time with the crankshaft. That would be the first place I'd check. Then, if it doesn't seem to be the problem we'll help dig in further.
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