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Craftsman "Won't Start!" "Oil over filled" "Engine won't turn"

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Craftsman "Won't Start!" "Oil over filled" "Engine won't turn"

Craftsman "Won't Start!" "Oil over filled" "Engine won't turn"

I wrote this for anyone who has experienced any of these symptoms and that they could apply to many differed brands of mowers.

I picked this up from a garage sale for $5. No plug, oil all over and air cleaner missing.

Fresh off the truck

Close up of mess

Checked the oil and it was slightly over filled

This was the excess, almost a quart

All cleaned up.

The owner had taken the plug out due to cylinder being filled with oil/gas and locking up on him.

What was the problem?

The brass float in the carb had a leak and filled with gas causing the fuel to leak past the needle and seat, through the carb and into the cylinder and eventually into the crankcase. This caused the oil to appear to be over filled and caused the cylinder to create a hydraulic lock causing you to not be able to pull start the engine.

A little lube on the recoil spring assembly and the cord rewound and works fine.

Rebuilt the carb with new float and replaced the spark plug and new air cleaner/filter and she's running fine.
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Nice write up! We got a few like that! I just got a nice lawnboy for ....$15!
The guy was too lazy to buy/ install a brake cable!! Runs great!
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I dont think I have ever over filled one to that extent, Is it true that over filling a engine with oil can bend a rod and or break a piston?
Hi DrBailey, I don't think so unless the oil filled the cylinder first. Being a pull start, I don't think you could pull it when the fluid compressed . I bet it wouldn't help the machine though!
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