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I have a Craftsman 18.5 HP Kohler with a 46" Deck. My steering was loose, so I ordered the plastic support which the Steering shaft / gear enters. My new part is different. When I try to remove the steering shaft from the plastic bushing / support, I can see the nut with built-in washer from the side, but the round hole on the bottom of the bushing is too small to get my socket onto the nut. From the side, my wrenches are too fat to slip on the nut.

The replacement part does not have an opening on the side from which you can see the nut, while the hole which is round in the old piece is larger and squared off. I can see that the socket will easily fit when installing the new piece.

I would like to know the actual size of the nut and any suggestions on how to remove it. I am a newby to this forum, and look forward to your answers. Thanks!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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