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I have a craftsman riding mower model #502.255791 with a 10 hp 4 cycle electric start craftsman engine model #143356232 when i start it up it will run for about 15 20 minutes then it will stall and wont restart i think it is over heating cause when i wait about 10 15 minutes it will start back up again and then run for about 15 minutes and then stall again and so on. i took the top cover off the motor and exposed the fly wheel and used the air compressor to blow out every nook and cranny that i could i cleaned the carb and the carb filter and sprayed it with carb cleaner they seem to be good i also checked the fuel lines and filter and they don't seem to be the problem i changed the oil and added sae 30 oil to her and still have the same issue what could my problem be? there is no deck on the tractor cause i use it to deliver hay to my cattle and it gets to be a pain when it stalls every 15 minutes or so then i have to wait for it too cool and then start it back up so i could really use some help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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