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1st post here.

I have a Craftsman push mower of around 15 years of age (model #917.377593). I believe it has a Tecumsa engine, but it has carbs unlike any I've ever seen. It won't start. I've tried cleaning the carb with WD-40, but when reassembled, it won't start and stay started-it runs until the WD-40 has burned off and then quits again. I've seen videos on U-tube about cleaning Tecumsah carbs, but NONE look like the types of carbs I've got.

Also, the recoil spring is broken, so I have to re-wind everything by hand as I try to pull it to start.

I'm willing to bet that there's one particular place on this carb that's clogged, but damned if I can find where it is. Any guesses as to where these type of carbs usually gum up?

Also what would I need to do to replace the recoil spring?

I've enclosed pics of the mower itself and the carbs. Am unemployed at the moment, so I'm having to do this work myself and am not going to be in a position to hire it out.

Thanks in advance.


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