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Craftsman PGT 9000

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I have a 2009 model #917.28974 PGT 9000 that suddenly won't power up fully. It starts, idles and runs fine, but just will not fully power up at full throttle. Acts like a fouled plug, but it isn't that. It has fresh gas and all the basics seem to be ok. The manual on this tractor is poor at best so I'm a little in the dark with some of the components. Supposedly it has a fuel maintenance module that I have heard other people having issues with. Anyone ever heard of any problems similar to this? It also has an automatic choke that isn't identified in the manual, but it seems to be working ok. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all.
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Just a casual observance sounds like it may have a plugged high speed jet. Others may be more informed than I am on this type of unit, but in the meanwhile, you might want to try some fuel line cleaner, such as SeaFoam or Gumout.
Thought about that as well and I have already checked and replaced the fuel filter and run seafoam with no luck...but thanks...
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