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I have a litttle Craftsman M250 with a Honda GCV160 on it. I like to tinker with stuff and was wondering what I can do to my little push-mower (besides removing the governor and using a ligher blade). I am particularly interested in parts interchangability between Honda engines.

I am wondering if it is possible to replace the carb on a GCV160 with the carb from a GCV190, and what might be required to do so? Are there separate model carbs for the Automatic Choke System? Do you actually think there any possible benefit from running the slightly larger carb on the smaller motor? Has anyone messed with adding a velocity stack in place of the air filter?

I thought about trying to install the '190 muffler on my '160, but I am pretty sure the mufflers are the same between GCV160 and GCV190. I might actually put together a little exhaust pipe... stepped primary exhaust stack with the little tractor flap thingy on it. Lol. I am not sure how accurate the formulas are for small engines, but I found some equations for optimal exhaust diameter. The equations I found did not tell optimal length, though, sadly. For swept volume at 2500rpms we are looking at ~0.675" ID exhaust, and at 3500rpms it's closer to 0.795" ID exhaust. Stainless schedule 10S 1/2" is 0.674" ID, and 10S 3/4" is 0.884" ID... which should fit over the outside of the 1/2". Close enough for stupid push-mower modifications... I do not have a lawnmower engine dyno to test the effectiveness of any of this.

Anyone know if the cam wheel from the '190 can be installed in the '160? Belt lengths/sprocket size/tooth count being the same [or similar enough]? I got as far as seeing that they are, in fact, separate part numbers between the '160 and '190 cam wheels.
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