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Craftsman lt1000 model no. 917.271825 not running

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My mower died and at first would start but would not let me disengage the clutch without dying. After research it lead me to believe it is a kill switch. (I am under the impression that there are 3). I pushed it into the garage just to get it out of the garage. Now when I try to start it it doesn't do a thing.

Any help?
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There should be several safety switches on your machine. 1 for the blades, 1 for the seat, and 1 for the transmission. Sounds to me like it is not recognizing the fact that there is a person on the seat. Take a look and make sure the wires have not come unplugged from the seat switch. While at it, check the connections on the other switches. I have included a couple of schematics that should be close to your machine. Gives you an idea of where to look.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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