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Craftsman LT 1000 (Model 917275371) kill switches

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Hey guys. I know it isn't wise to disengage kill switches, but, call me a rebel. How and where do I disengage the one that prevents me from mowing in reverse, and how/where do I disengage the seat one.
Forgive my request, but I have somewhat of a learning disability and am somewhat visual. If at all possible, when instructing me how to disengage these two switches, please talk in very simple terms and (if possible) include diagrams/drawings/photos to help me locate them easier. I apologize for asking so much of ya'll right off the bat. So glad I found this place!
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Sorry, CharlieInTx. Totally against the site rules to discuss/instruct the bypassing of manufacturer installed safety switches. You may really want to reconsider this idea. Sure hate to hear of someone mowing a ditch in reverse and falling off the mower, only to be injured because the engine didn't shut off because the safeties were bypassed.

Need to know how to sharpen your blades or change your oil? We'll be happy to help you with those duties.
Crap. Please forgive me and don't penalize me for this question. I understand why the rule is there, but wasn't my intention to break any rules. Thanks for the response.
OK, all is forgiven. No penalty this time. Next time, you have to ante up a dollar to the coffee fund!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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