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Craftsman Lawn Tractor, model 917.257470, 12 hp 38" deck, NO REVERSE

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Hi guys!!!

I have a MINT Craftsman 917.257470, 12 HP, 39" deck lawn tractor.

When I shift it into REVERSE, nothing happens.....There are no grinding noises, no vibrations, nothing, but it simply will not respond.

ALL other forward speeds work flawlessly.

I find this odd because being a former Mercedes Benz Master Technician, my mechanical apptitude tells me that when a transaxles FAILS, all gear range should be affected.

Mind you, just based upon what I've read, it seems that these models are notorious for internal shifter problems, often as a result of operators attempting to shift gears while the tractor is in motion.....btw, this is a belt driven transaxle.

My question is: has anyone experienced ONLY losing REVERSE???

Is this a common problem with this model???

Thanks in advance
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18 HP 42" Mower

Hi guys,

I have model 917.272751 - 18 HP 42" deck with a similar problem. No reverse but 4th thru 6th are OK. No grinding noise but very hard to move gear shift. I got lazy when I went to start up and moved the tractor without depressing the clutch! I have tried to adjust the linkage without success. How does one determine what internal parts are needed and what their costs might be? I mowed my lawn last without using the reverse so I could continue that unless I lose forward as well.
18 HP 42" Mower

I found my manual. The transaxle is very complicated but it looks like a lot of fun to repair. I think I'll wait until the tractor doesn't move.
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