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Craftsman Lawn Tractor Acts Like Water Is In Fuel

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I have an older Craftsman Lawn Tractor that has been driving me crazy for the last 6 years!!!! The problem is that it will not run for very long and acts like it has water in fuel. I have had the mower at 2 different shops for a total of 4 times and costing hundreds of dollars and it always does the same thing. The last time I had it at mechanic he rebuilt carb and removed fuel tank and emptied all fuel souces and replaced with his fuel, he seemed to think the major problem was water in the fuel however I am really concerned it may be something else. The reason I think this is pretty involved but the high points are this- it has been going on for several years , I have bought new fuel cans numerous times , used fuel stablelizer etc. Fuel filter among many other things have been changed. Fuel pump has not been changed. The following is what happened this last time and all the other times it has been back from shop. It ran ok for first 20-30 minutes that started to act like it had water in fuel , no power won't stay running. Have thought about gas cover and took it off but it still did not run. One thing that also makes me wonder is the mechanic seemed to think after he had drained system and had it running that it acted like it was getting water in it again. I have left message for mechanic but have not yet heard back but wanted to pick others brain for ideas. I do not beleav it is a crack in tank as the mechanic surely would have found that when he had tank removed. Does not seem like bad fuel lines or wouldn't it not run to begin with. Please any thoughts ?
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First thing I would do is when it does it, shut it down allow it too cool (safety) and have some additional gas line hose available you can tap in at the carburetor and let some fuel gravity feed into a glass mason jar. Then look at the sample. Do you see separation? Cloudy fuel?
Welcome to MLMF. Has the ignition system been checked?
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