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Craftsman Lawn Mower Won't Steer to the Right

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Hello all! Looks like a great place to consult with people! Anyhow, I have a 1996 model year Craftsman lawn tractor with a 42" cut. I cannot steer at all to the right when I turn the wheel. When I look down at the mechanism under the hood, you can clearly see that the pinion at the bottom of the shaft is "jumping" on the half moon gear when I turn the wheel. You can clearly see on the pinion that metal has been grinded away over years of use. The gears on the half moon object look a little rusted, but not stripped. What should I replace? I know its an old hand-me-down, but I am newly married and have a baby on the way and really can't afford anything real expensive! Its a strong running, decent looking mower. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
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Do you have a Sears xxx.xxxxx model number so we could look up an exploded view?

It sound like you might get away with only replacing the smaller gear. But you will also want to check how much play is in the shaft of the steering column and make sure the support bearings on it are still tight enough to hold the gear where it needs to be on the half moon gear. You don't want to take out the new gear(s) right away due to loose shafts on either the steering column or the half moon gear. ;)
I definitely wanna get it right. The model number is 917.270821. Thanks!

there is the break down on sears website. I would recommend the kit due to the age old " gears that work together get replaced together" My experience has always been if you try to go cheap you end up replacing one gear twice instead of both once. I can get this part for you as well in a kit as listed on the parts breakdown from sears. look at item number 62 83.92 plus $10.00 shipping from them. My parts manager said we could get you the kit for 69.99 plus shipping to your location. Just the one part is looking like about 26.00 and the other is is 43.88. Hope this helps. If you are interested check us out at Arco Lawn Equipment | Contact Us this is our contact us page. Talk with Zach from parts and tell him you were from lawnmower forum so he is sure to get you the right prices.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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