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Craftsman hard to start

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Hi, guys need some help. I have a Craftsman Lawn tractor with a Kohler Pro 17hp OHV engine in it. When I start it, it locks up after turning the key a few more times it finally starts,but it blows gas out of the exhaust. Now I notice I have gas in my oil.What do you guys think it is, and do I have something major going on here and I should bring it to a repair shop,Thanks in advance.Bob
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Does it have a mechanical fuel pump? If it does and your oil is filling with gas I would think the fuel pump may be bad and leaking gas into your engine.
not sure if it has a mechanical fuel pump,I'll check into that
Please let me know what you find out. I have a Kohler 15.5 hp command motor doing the SAME EXACT THING. I still haven't figured out why it's doing that but if you put on an inline fuel shut off after the fuel filter it takes care of the flooding, gas in the exhaust and in the oil as well has the hard starting. But if you forget to shut the gas off as I did, the half the gas tank will end up in the crank case. So I am not sure what the issue is either.
You can get service manuals for the Kohlers here:

Kohler Engines: Owners and Service Manuals: Manuals and Maintenance

The Kohler CV15 I have in my Deere does have a fuel pump. (Gas tank under the seat.) If it does not have a fuel pump (fuel tank above the carb with gravity feed) then a float sticking in the carburetor will do that as well.
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